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DC Current Sensors
For monitoring vehicle electrical system performance, there is nothing more reliable than using non-intrusive solid state current sensors. InPower's amazingly accurate, tiny Hall-Effect current sensors are a breeze to install. They simply slide right onto cables, plug in the wires for the output, and you're done. We have numerous models to choose from. Our digital displays are a great, reliable accessory.
For monitoring electrical system performance for both digital and analog applications.
  • Ambulances
  • School buses
  • Fire trucks and rescue vehicles
  • Work trucks
  • Industrial battery monitoring, instrumentation
  • Marine
  • Truck upfitters
  • Surveillance vehicles
  • DC motors
  • Battery chargers
  • +12 volt power supplies
  • Monitor battery current to ensure battery integrity
  • Monitor voltage and amps together
  • For large power demands, low voltage alarm feature
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