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DC Current Sensors
  • Electronic design eliminates need for mechanical shunts
  • Sealed construction
  • Weather resistant connector
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Marine
  • Instrument systems
DC Current Sensors

InPower's DCS line consists of highly accurate electronic sensors for measuring DC current. They are Hall effect based sensors with an electronic interface circuit. There are models for use with conventional 50 or 100 millivolt ammeters, or electronic instrument systems. InPower current sensors are non-intrusive, simply sliding right over battery cables. They are small, do not generate heat, and have no exposed electrical potentials. They are affordable and are appropriate for numerous applications.
Available models:

Model Range Output
DCS30-100-1 100 amps 50 millivolts
DCS30-150-1 150 amps  
DCS30-200-1 200 amps  
DCS30-300-1 300 amps  
DCS35-100-1 100 amps 2.5 volts 2.0 volts
DCS35-200-1 200 amps  
DCS35-300-1 300 amps  
DCS35-400-1 400 amps  
DCS35-500-1 500 amps  
DCS35-600-1 600 amps  
DCS35-100-2 100 amps 2.5 volts 2.5 volts
DCS35-200-2 200 amps  
DCS35-300-2 300 amps  
DCS35-400-2 400 amps  
DCS35-500-2 500 amps  
DCS35-600-2 600 amps  
DCS36-100-1 0 to 100 amps 2.5 volts 2.0 volts
DCS36-150-1 0 to 150 amps  
DCS36-300-1 0 to 300 amps  
DCS36-100-2 0 to 100 amps 0 volts to 5.0 volts
DCS36-200-2 0 to 200 amps  
DCS36-250-2 0 to 250 amps  
DCS36-300-2 0 to 300 amps  
DCS36-400-2 0 to 400 amps  
DCS36-500-2 0 to 500 amps  
DCS36-600-2 0 to 600 amps  
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