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Owner Manuals
This page contains a full list of all of InPower's owner manuals.
Auxiliary Battery Switches
Model Description Document
ABS Series ABS Owner's Manual OM-141B.pdf
Chassis Interface Modules
Model Description Document
CIM-1 CIM for Ford E-series and F-series OM-123B.pdf
CIM-2 CIM for GM GMT610, C-2500 and C-3500 OM-122B.pdf
Model Description Document
DCC 75-75 DCC 75-75, UltraSwitch dual contactor (75/75 amp) OM-19E.pdf
DCC 75-150 DCC 75-150, UltraSwitch dual contactor (75/150 amp) OM-19E.pdf
DCC 75-200 DCC 75-200, UltraSwitch dual contactor (75/200 amp) OM-19E.pdf
DCC 150-150 DCC 150-150, UltraSwitch dual contactor (150/150 amp) OM-19E.pdf
SSC 75-75 SSC 75-75, UltraSwitch dual contactor (75/75 amp) OM-34A.pdf
SSC 75-150 SSC 75-150, UltraSwitch dual contactor (75/150 amp) OM-34A.pdf
SSC 75-200 SSC 75-200, UltraSwitch dual contactor (75/200 amp) OM-34A.pdf
SSC 150-150 SSC 150-150, UltraSwitch dual contactor (150/150 amp) OM-34A.pdf
SSC10-100 SSC10-100, Contactor (100 amp) OM-39C.pdf
SSC10-150 SSC10-150, Contactor (150 amp) OM-39C.pdf
SSC10-200 SSC10-200, Contactor (200 amp) OM-39C.pdf
SSC10 Family Installing using thermal grease OM-101A.pdf
SSC20-100 SSC20-100, Contactor (100 amp) OM-105B.pdf
SSC20-150 SSC20-150, Contactor (150 amp) OM-105B.pdf
SSC20-200 SSC20-200, Contactor (200 amp) OM-105B.pdf
SSC32-275 SSC32-275 Power Disconnect Switch (275 amp) OM-41C.pdf
SSC32A-275 SSC32A-275 Power Disconnect Switch (275 amp) OM-49A.pdf
SSC42-275 SSC42-275 Power Disconnect Switch (275 amp) OM-85D.pdf
EHS-C1 Dual engine heater switch OM-36A.pdf
Current Sensors
Model Description Document
DCS30 DCS30 family OM-23D.pdf
DCS35 DCS35 family OM-24E.pdf
DCS-45-200-1 DC current sensor, 200 amps OM-92B.pdf
Data Bus Throttles
Model Description Document
DBT-LD series Light Duty vehicle Data Bus Throttle OM-174B.pdf
Electronic Throttle Modules
Model Description Document
ETM20 ETM-20, Ford 1994-2004 OM-01D.pdf
ETM20-1 ETM-20-1, Ford 1994-2004 OM-15B.pdf
ETM-30 ETM-30, Ford 1994-2004 OM-02D.pdf
ETM-40 ETM-40, Ford 1994-2004 OM-03H.pdf
ETM-50 ETM-50, Ford 2005+ OM-26F.pdf
ETM-51 ETM-51, Ford 2005+ OM-54J.pdf
ETM-52 ETM-52, Ford & GM 08+ 2-mode OM-84G.pdf
ETM-52QVM ETM-52-QVM, ETM-52-QVM-2, Ford & GM OM-102D.pdf
ETM-60 ETM-60, GM OM-20G.pdf
ETM-61 ETM-61, GM, manual transmission OM-21C.pdf
ETM-62 ETM-62, GM OM-22D.pdf
ETM-64 ETM-64, GM select 02+ automatic transmissions OM-35C.pdf
ETM-65 ETM-65, GM OM-37D.pdf
ETM-67A/68A ETM-67, GM select 07+ automatic transmissions OM-64G.pdf
ETM-80 ETM-80, Dodge 6.7 liter engine, automatic transmissions OM-69E.pdf
ETM-81 ETM-81, Dodge 6.7 liter engine, manual transmissions OM-75D.pdf
Interlock Modules
Model Description Document
ITM-115 ITM-115, Ford 05-06 E-Series OM-33E.pdf
ITM-115A ITM-115A, Ford 05-07 E-Series OM-44B.pdf
ITM-116A ITM-116A, Ford 05-08 E-Series OM-42F.pdf
ITM-116B ITM-116B Owner's Manual Revision OM-83E.pdf
ITM-118 ITM-118A, Ford 05-08 E-Series OM-61B.pdf
ITM-118A ITM-118A, Ford 09 E-Series OM-79C.pdf
ITM-121 ITM-121, Ford 05-08 E-Series OM-68C.pdf
ITM-122 ITM-122, Ford 09 E-Series OM-72C.pdf
ITM-122A ITM-122A, Ford 09 E-Series OM-88B.pdf
ITM-122A ITM-122A, Ford 09 E-Series operator instruction card OM-90A.pdf
ITM-123 ITM-123, Ford 09 E-Series OM-73C.pdf
ITM-123A ITM-123A, Ford 09 E-Series, includes display OM-89B.pdf
ITM-123A ITM-123A, Ford 09 E-series operator instruction card OM-91A.pdf
ITM-123AF ITM-123A-F, Ford 09 F-series with display OM-98B.pdf
ITM-123AF ITM-123A-F, Ford 09 F-Series operator instruction card OM-99A.pdf
ITM-124 ITM-124 Owner's Manual OM-112A.pdf
ITM-124 ITM-124 Operator's Instruction Card OM-119A.pdf
ITM-125 ITM-125 Owner's Manual OM-115B.pdf
ITM-125 ITM-125 Operator's Instruction Card OM-117B.pdf
ITM-125F ITM-125-F Owner's Manual OM-116A.pdf
ITM-125F ITM-125-F Operator's Instruction Card OM-118A.pdf
ITM-126 ITM-126 Owner's Manual OM-180A.pdf
ITM-126 ITM-126 Operator's Instruction Card OM-181A.pdf
ITM-127 ITM-127 Owner's Manual OM-176A.pdf
ITM-127 ITM-127 Operator's Instruction Card OM-182A.pdf
ITM-128 ITM-128 Owner's Manual OM-186B.pdf
ITM-129 ITM-129 Owner's Manual OM-190D.pdf
ITM-129 ITM-129 Operator's Instruction Card OM-189A.pdf
ITM-131 ITM-131, GM 06-07 OM-50B.pdf
ITM-131 ITM-131 2006+ Gvan OM-65E.pdf
ITM-131 ITM-131 2010 Ford Transit Connect OM-100B.pdf
ITM-131 ITM-131 2006+ 4500/5500 Chassis Owner's Manual OM-66C.pdf
ITM-131 ITM-131, GM 06+ operator's instruction card OM-63A.pdf
ITM-132 ITM-132 2010 Ford Transit Connect OM-103B.pdf
ITM-132 ITM-132, GM 06+ 610 Vans Owner's Manual OM-95C.pdf
ITM-132 ITM-132, GM 06+ 610 Vans operator's instruction card OM-97A.pdf
ITM-133 ITM-133 Owner's Manual OM-113B.pdf
ITM-133 ITM-133 Operator's Instruction Card OM-114B.pdf
ITM-134 ITM-134 Owner's Manual OM-159A.pdf
ITM-134 ITM-134 Operator's Instruction Card OM-160A.pdf
ITM-136 ITM-136 Owner's Manual OM-178A.pdf
ITM-136 ITM-136 Operator's Instruction Card OM-183A.pdf
ITM-137 ITM-137 Owner's Manual OM-179A.pdf
ITM-137 ITM-137 Operator's Instruction Card OM-184A.pdf
School Bus Flashers / Flashers
Model Description Document
SBF-90 SBF90 school bus flasher OM-04H.pdf
SBF-94 SBF94 school bus flasher OM-07G.pdf
4860GCPE 4860GCPE alternating ambulance flasher OM-60A.pdf
4875P1 4875P1 programmable ambulance Flasher OM-94A.pdf
Switch Panel and Control Systems
Model Description Document
VCMS-SP01 VCMS-SP01, 4-switch system, owner’s manual OM-125B.pdf
VCMS-SP02 VCMS-SP02, 4-switch system, owner’s manual OM-130A.pdf
VCMS-SP03 VCMS-SP03, 4-switch system, owner’s manual OM-131A.pdf
VCMS-SP04 VCMS-SP04, 4-switch system, owner’s manual OM-132A.pdf
VCMS-SP05 VCMS-SP05, 4-switch system, owner’s manual OM-133A.pdf
VCMS-SP06 VCMS-SP06, 4-switch system, owner’s manual OM-134A.pdf
VCMS-SP07 VCMS-SP07, 6-switch system, owner’s manual OM-126B.pdf
VCMS-SP08 VCMS-SP08, 6-switch system, owner’s manual OM-135A.pdf
VCMS-SP09 VCMS-SP09, 6-switch system, owner’s manual OM-136A.pdf
VCMS-SP10 VCMS-SP10, 6-switch system, owner’s manual OM-137A.pdf
VCMS-SP11 VCMS-SP11, 6-switch system, owner’s manual OM-138A.pdf
VCMS-SP12 VCMS-SP12, 6-switch system, owner’s manual OM-139A.pdf
VCMS-SP35 VCMS SP34, 8-Switch Panel System Owners Manual OM-153A.pdf
VCMS-SP36 VCMS SP35, 10-Switch Panel System Owners manual OM-154A.pdf
VCMS-SP37 VCMS SP36, 12-Switch Panel System Owners Manual OM-155A.pdf
Interconnecting Cable VCMS Interconnecting Cable, installation instructions OM-111A.pdf
VCMC-SM4 through VCMS-SM10 VCMS Switch Modules, installation instructions OM-106B.pdf
VCMS-PM1 & VCMS-PM1A VCMS-PM1/PM1A Power Module, installation instructions OM-107B.pdf
VCMS-PM1C & VCMS-PM1D VCMS-PM1C/PM1D Power Module, installation instructions OM-108B.pdf
VCMS-APM VCMS-APM Analog Power Module, installation instructions OM-109B.pdf
VCMS Series VCMS Standard Switch Legends OM-127A.pdf
VCMS Series VCMS Switch Legends, installation instructions OM-129A.pdf
Solid State Contactors
Low Voltage Disconnects
Auxiliary Battery Switches
Data Bus High Idle Throttles
Vehicle Control Modules
Switch Panel and Control Systems
DC Current Sensors
Digital Voltmeter/Ammeters
High Idle Electronic Throttles
Wheel Chair Lift Interlocks
Chassis Interface Modules
Warning Light Flashers
Emergency Vehicles
Work Trucks
Mobility Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
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