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Product Data Sheets
This page contains a full list of all of InPower's product data sheets.
Auxiliary Battery Optimizer
Model Description Document
ABO Series ABO data sheet PDS-140B.pdf
Auxiliary Battery Switches
Model Description Document
ABS Series ABS Data Sheet PDS-119D.pdf
Chassis Interface Modules
Model Description Document
CIM1-CIM2 CIM1-CIM2 data sheet PDS-108C.pdf
Model Description Document
Power Switches Terminal boots for power switch products PDS-50B.pdf
SSC42-275 Ambulance 275 amp module disconnect switch PDS-48E.pdf
SSC42C-200 Ambulance 200 amp module disconnect switch PDS-105A.pdf
LVD [discontinued] SSC10 series low voltage disconnects PDS-81B.pdf
SSC20 Series Single channel contactors, 100 to 200 amp PDS-107B.pdf
Current Sensors and Digital Meters
Model Description Document
DCS Series DCS cable assembly, 12 ft. PDS-49B.pdf
DCS-30/31 DCS30 100 - 600 amps for ammeters PDS-162A.pdf
DCS-35/36 DCS35/36 100 - 600 amps for instrument systems PDS-161A.pdf
DSP1-DCS35-300-1 Voltmeter/ammmeter instrument/display PDS-89B.pdf
DSP-DCS1 Digital voltmater/ammeter display (12 volt) PDS-69D.pdf
DSP2-DCS35-200-1 Digital voltmater/ammeter display (24 volt) PDS-106B.pdf
DSP2-DCS35-300-1 Digital voltmater/ammeter display (24 volt) PDS-115C.pdf
Data Bus Throttles
Model Description Document
DBT-LD series Light Duty vehicle Data Bus Throttle data sheet PDS-152D.pdf
Electronic Throttle Modules
Model Description Document
ETM40 [discontinued] ETM-40, Ford 94-04 PDS-03H.pdf
ETM-51A ETM-51, Ford 2005+ PDS-67D.pdf
ETM-52 ETM-52, Ford & GM 08+ 2-mode PDS-85D.pdf
ETM-52-QVM ETM-52-QVM, ETM-52-QVM2, Ford & GM PDS-100B.pdf
ETM-64 ETM-64, GM select 02+ automatic transmissions PDS-44E.pdf
ETM-67 ETM-67, GM select 07+ automatic transmissions PDS-53E.pdf
ETM-68A ETM-68A, GM select 07+ automatic transmissions PDS-66E.pdf
ETM-80 ETM-80, Dodge 6.7 liter engine, automatic transmissions PDS-75F.pdf
ETM-81 ETM-81, Dodge 6.7 liter engine, manual transmissions PDS-86C.pdf
Interlock Systems
Model Description Document
ITM-124 ITM-124 Data Sheet PDS-110B.pdf
ITM-125 ITM-125, ITM-125-F Data Sheet PDS-111B.pdf
ITM-126 ITM-126 Data Sheet PDS-155B.pdf
ITM-127 ITM-127 Data Sheet PDS-155B.pdf
ITM-133 ITM-133 Data Sheet PDS-112C.pdf
ITM-134 ITM-134 Data Sheet PDS-135B.pdf
ITM-136 ITM-136 Data Sheet PDS-157A.pdf
ITM-137 ITM-137 Data Sheet PDS-157A.pdf
Low Voltage Alarms
Model Description Document
VCM-12-SPC67 Low Battery Level Alarm PDS-129A.pdf
Low Voltage Disconnects
Model Description Document
LVD SSC10 series low voltage disconnects PDS-81B.pdf
VCM-06 Low voltage power-off timer PDS-72D.pdf
VCM-12 Low voltage disconnect, 4-Wire PDS-90C.pdf
LVD20 LVD20 Series Low Voltage Disconnects PDS-124A.pdf
LVD20 Select Models LVD20 Series Low Voltage Disconnect PDS-121B.pdf
LVD InPower Power Accessories PDS-125A.pdf
VCM-06 VCM-06 Low Voltage Disconnects PDS-72D.pdf
VCM-12 VCM-12 Low Voltage Disconnects PDS-90C.pdf
DSP-DCS1 Digital voltmeter/ammeter display (12 volt) PDS-69D.pdf
DSP1-DCS35-300-2 Digital voltmeter/ammeter display (24 volt) PDS-89B.pdf
DSP2-DCS35-200-1 Digital voltmeter/ammeter display (24 volt) PDS-106B.pdf
DSP2-DCS35-300-1 Voltmeter/ammeter instrument/display PDS-115C.pdf
School Bus Flashers / Flashers
Model Description Document
SBF-90 School bus flasher with Faston terminals PDS-08F.pdf
SBF-94 School bus flasher with Amp Multilock connector PDS-11D.pdf
4860GCPE 4860GCPE alternating ambulance flasher PDS-57B.pdf
4875P1 4875P1 programmable ambulance Flasher PDS-91B.pdf
Switch Panel and Control Systems
Model Description Document
VCMS-SP01 through –SP06 VCMS Four-Switch Standard Systems PDS-116A.pdf
VCMS-SP07 through –SP12 VCMS Six-Switch Standard Systems PDS-117A.pdf
VCMS-SM4 VCMS-SM4, 4 position switch module, data sheet PDS-102A.pdf
VCMS-SM6 VCMS-SM6, 6 position switch module data sheet PDS-92A.pdf
VCMS-SM8 VCMS-SM8, 8 position switch module data sheet PDS-93A.pdf
VCMS-SM10 VCMS-SM10, 10 position switch module data sheet PDS-94A.pdf
VCMS-PM1 VCMS-PM1, 6 power outputs, 4 digital inputs power module data sheet PDS-96C.pdf
VCMS-PM1A VCMS-PM1A power module, 2 power outputs, 4 digital inputs, data sheet PDS-118A.pdf
VCMS-PM1C & VCMS-PM1D VCMS-PM1C/PM1D power module, 6 power outputs, 3 digital inputs, one voltage sense input, data sheet PDS-101D.pdf
VCMS-APM VCMS-APM power module, 6 power outputs, 4 digital inputs, one current sensor input, data sheet PDS-97D.pdf
VCMS-APM & DCS-35 VCMS Battery Amp-Hour Monitor, data sheet PDS-104B.pdf
VCMS-SM12 VCMS-SM12, 12 position switch module, data sheet PDS-95A.pdf
Vehicle Control Modules
Model Description Document
CA-VCM1 VCM socket harness assembly PDS-73B.pdf
VCM-01 Latching relay, alternating (12 volt) PDS-58C.pdf
VCM-02 Latching relay, alternating (24 volt) PDS-63C.pdf
VCM-03 Time delay relay, on-delay PDS-59D.pdf
VCM-04 Time delay relay, off-delay PDS-60G.pdf
VCM-05 Time delay relay, one-shot PDS-61E.pdf
VCM-06 Low voltage power-off timer PDS-72D.pdf
VCM-08 Wig-Wag flasher, dual output PDS-62C.pdf
VCM-10 Dual input solid state relay PDS-88C.pdf
VCM-12 Low voltage disconnect, 4-Wire PDS-90C.pdf
Solid State Contactors
Low Voltage Disconnects
Auxiliary Battery Switches
Data Bus High Idle Throttles
Vehicle Control Modules
Switch Panel and Control Systems
DC Current Sensors
Digital Voltmeter/Ammeters
High Idle Electronic Throttles
Wheel Chair Lift Interlocks
Chassis Interface Modules
Warning Light Flashers
Emergency Vehicles
Work Trucks
Mobility Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
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