Emergency Vehicles

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Innovative Electrical Systems Solutions for Emergency Vehicles

InPower manufactures products for all types of emergency vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances, police cruisers, rescue vehicles and hazmat vehicles. Universal products include electronic throttles, DC monitoring products, flashers, electronic relays, low voltage disconnects, contactors and switch panel systems. We also offer a flasher and contactor that are designed specifically for use in ambulances.

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    The ABS charges and isolates the auxiliary battery from the vehicle’s chassis battery and alternator, while protecting the chassis battery from auxiliary battery load discharge.

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  • Low Voltage Disconnects Low Voltage Disconnect

    Avoid dead batteries and expensive towing with automatic shutdown control to prevent excessive battery drain from vehicle loads.

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  • RX Series RX Series

    Our new ReFlex family of customizable modules builds upon the capabilities of our vehicle control module (VCM) series to provide a higher level of flexibility and customization to vehicle load control.

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  • Contactors Solid State Contactors

    Provides a reliable manual connection or disconnection of battery power for high-current electrical loads.

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  • Switch Panel System Switch Panel System

    Affordable switch control solutions that offer flexibility in programming, system size and functionality.

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  • Electronic Relays and Timers Electronic Relays and Timers

    Adjustable and fixed timers, plus other controllers for a wide variety of reliable control logic functions.

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  • Electronic Throttles Electronic Throttles

    Provides for added engine RPM when additional engine power is needed for air conditioning, lifts, compressors or PTOs.

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  • DC Sensors DC Current Sensors

    For monitoring vehicle electrical system performance, there is nothing more reliable than using non-intrusive, solid-state current sensors.

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  • Flashers Flashers

    The unique family of specialized warning lamp flasher products, including our SBF-90 and SBF-94 eight-lamp flashers, are praised throughout the school bus industry.

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