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School Bus Flashers Sales Brochure

InPower School Bus Products
Warning Lamp Flashers
School buses have used InPower'S SBF90 and SBF94 eight lamp warning flashers since 2002. When introduced the flashers were immediately heralded as a reliable, affordable, and advanced solution. School bus manufacturers quickly adopted InPower flashers, while parts distributors began selling them to replace other makes of flashers.

The SBF90 has Faston terminals, making it an exact replacement for other electronic flashers and an easy upgrade for mechanical style flashers. The SBF94 has an Amp connector. Both flashers are used by OEMs and heavily in the parts replacement industry.
Electronic Throttles
Any type of school or shuttle bus built on a Ford, Dodge, or GM truck or van chassis can utilize fast idle settings for more engine power for lifts or lights. For Ford and GM chassis, our ETM52 module has two idle modes: charge protect and a fixed speed. Charge protect will boost the RPM to maintain battery charge. This is ideal for use with wheelchair lifts, since the lifts can have a heavy power draw.
Electronic Relays and Timers
InPower's Vehicle Control Module (VCM) family is simply a collection of solid state devices for controlling vehicle functions. There are latching relays, and timers, which are used in all sorts of vehicle functions from audio control, and spotlights, to heaters and sirens. What makes InPower's relays ideal for bus applications is that they are not mechanical. They cannot pop, and the contacts cannot wear down. Everything is 100% electronic and has safety features to protect the electrical system. These VCM units are small, have a standard automotive pin layout, and are low-cost.
Solid State Contactors
InPower's Solid State Contactors can be used on all types of buses as battery disconnects, and for control of individual loads like heaters and wheelchair lifts. Whether you need single or dual switches, we have a variety of products to fit your needs. Our dual UltraSwitch series products are ideal for use as a battery disconnect switch for two different loads, such as chassis circuits and body circuits. They contain two individually controlled high efficiency power switches that are available in capacities from 75 amps to 200 amps. The UltraSwitch disconnects are completely sealed and include fault shutdown protection for over current, low voltage, and short circuit conditions. Single contactors are ideal for shut-off of individual loads such as lights, alarms, blower motors, and lifts. Models range from 80 amp to 200 amp capacities.
DC Current Sensors

Any vehicle that has high battery loads can benefit from current sensing and battery monitoring to ensure loads do not exceed battery power. Most large commercial and school buses have large power needs, necessitating dual battery systems. It is important for bus operators to know the battery status, to ensure power needs can be met and maintained.

InPower's method of electronic current sensing uses a Hall effect based sensor with an electronic interface. This sensing does not produce heat and is non-intrusive to the electrical system. DC current sensors work with both analog and digital meters. Our digital battery monitors display battery voltage, have a low-battery voltage alarm, and dual DC ammeter display.
Interlock Systems
Shuttle buses and school buses often need passenger wheelchair lifts. These lifts can only operate when the vehicle is immobilized, and InPower's lift interlock systems ensure this is the case. They meet the required FMVSS 403 safety standards for platform lift interlocks. Our extremely reliable interlocks are superior because they utilize "plug and play" technology to communicate with the vehicle. They are also small and very cost effective. System status/diagnostic LED indicators are included to aid system troubleshooting. InPower's interlocks can work with our Electronic Throtle Controls, which offer fast idle presets for increased engine power to efficiently run the wheelchair lift and other auxilliary equipment. Optional equipment: driver's display.
Low Voltage Disconnects
What an awful situation it would be for a school or shuttle bus to run out of battery power because of the high power draw of the various electrical loads. InPower's line of Low Voltage Disconnects continuously monitors battery voltage, meaning these 100% electronic units have an instant response to decreased battery power. They will turn off and on at certain power thresholds, ensuring that the battery remains charged.
Switch Panel Systems
InPower's Vehicle Control Module System (VCMS) is an advanced and affordable way to configure numerous electrical system functions into a convenient switch panel and power module. It is highly flexible: lights, sirens, heaters, and lifts are just some of the devices that can be controlled with a VCMS. This system is totally configurable for each vehicle's needs. It is appropriate for any type of bus.
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