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InPower products are designed for 12 volt applications, which includes most vehicles, but also industrial and other electronic systems. To put it simply, anything that utilizes a 12 volt battery system can use an InPower product, including current sensors and voltage monitors, DC contactors for power switching, low voltage disconnects to ensure the battery remains charged, flashers, electronic relays and timers, and our control module switch panel systems.
Solid State Contactors
Low Voltage Disconnects
Auxiliary Battery Switches
Data Bus High Idle Throttles
Vehicle Control Modules
Switch Panel and Control Systems
DC Current Sensors
Digital Voltmeter/Ammeters
High Idle Electronic Throttles
Wheel Chair Lift Interlocks
Chassis Interface Modules
Warning Light Flashers
Emergency Vehicles
Work Trucks
Mobility Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
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