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Solid State Contactors
InPower provides a comprehensive family of high current 100% solid state DC contactors to replace old-fashioned mechanical solenoids.
High current disconnect switches and fully electronic contactors for protection of the battery and electrical systems.
General Information
What makes solid state contactors superior to mechanical contactors is the sophisticated electrical protections built into our modules and the robust construction. Mechanical contactors can overheat, have issues with vibration, and wear out. Our contactors are designed to accommodate temperature fluctuations. The electronics are sealed so vibrations do not affect them. Lastly, there are no contacts to wear out as everything is controlled through software.

InPower's contactors come in many configurations including single switches, dual battery disconnects, and specialty ambulance versions with time delay shut-off. Over current fault protection is included with all units, as are various other electronic protections. All contactors are robust and compact. Accessory cables and battery terminal rubber boots are available for each model.
  • Ambulances and Service Trucks, SSC42 series
  • Fire trucks, first responders, and other emergency vehicles
  • School, commercial, and shuttle buses
  • Utility vehicles
  • Motor homes and coaches
  • Mobility buses and vans
  • Automotive upgrades
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Police and other emergency vehicles
  • Marine
  • Plow motors
  • Transit buses
  • Tractor trailers
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Work trucks
  • Aftermarket parts houses
  • Disconnect battery power from module loads like compartment lights, emergency lights, heaters, air compressors, and auxiliary power equipment
  • Disconnect battery power from single loads like winch motors, lifts, air conditioners, lights, audio systems, on-board computers and diagnostic systems,
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Vehicles with dual battery systems
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