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Ambulance Module Disconnects
  • 100% solid state
  • 200 or 275 amp over current shutdown
  • User-adjustable power shut-off timer
  • Multiple internal operating modes
  • Sealed construction
  • Customizable timing available
  • Ambulances
  • Module loads including emergency lights and loading lights
Ambulance Module Disconnects
Ambulance module disconnect switches are intended for use in ambulances to disconnect battery power from module loads such as emergency lights, patient compartment lights, flood lights, and loading lights. An SSC42 consists of a high current solid state contactor, a current sensor, and a microprocessor control/monitor circuit. There is an LED indicator to display the status. Numerous electronic protections are built into the unit including over current shutdown.

Additionally, for any special timing or input responses, a custom program can be developed. Or we may even have such a program already available. Please call if you need something other than the standard SSC-42-275!

Models include:

  • SSC 42-275
  • 275 amps, multi input
  • SSC 42-275-C
  • 275 amps, multi input, customized program
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