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Vehicle Control Modules
InPower's Vehicle Control Module (VCM) product line is a highly adaptable set of tools used to provide solutions for vehicle system applications. All VCMs employ a microprocessor controller coupled with a solid state 12 volt (or 24 volt) 15 amp power switch to provide a completely solid state smart relay. With a variety of module programs to choose from, we provide a wide range of functionality. Designers of vehicle electrical control systems can utilize VCMs to solve many problems in simple, affordable manner. VCMs are designed to withstand the environments typically found on trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, coaches, and specialty vehicles. Please see the sidebar for a list of current VCM types.
Electronic tools used to simplify complex circuit applications, modernize electromechanical systems, and dependably perform a wide array of electrical functions.
General Information
  • 100% solid state construction
  • Standard automotive relay pin format
  • Compact size with panel-mount bracket
  • Durable metal case
  • Affordable, functional solution
  • Customized programs available
  • Socket harness available (part: CA-VCM1)
  • Utility and telecom fleets
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Automotive: personal, fleet, performance
  • Coach and motor home
  • Shuttle bus
  • Police cars
  • Work/service trucks and vans
  • Emergency and Rescue vehicles
  • Anywhere you need a timer relay, flasher or low voltage disconnect - in or out of a vehicle
  • Relays for electronic devices
  • Control Electronic throttles
  • Compartment and exterior lights
  • Alternating flashers
  • Audio equipment
  • Low voltage disconnects
  • Coach and motor home: time delay for generators
  • Semi-trucks: time-delay relay for extended periods of idle
  • Surveillance vans: latching relay for interior compartment lights
  • Security vehicles: alternating flasher VCM
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