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Latching Relays
  • Dual inputs ground and +12 or +24 volts
  • Used with momentary control switches
  • Over current protection
  • Short-circuit shut down protection
VCM-01 (12 Volt) and VCM-02 (24 Volt)
InPower's Latching Relays include the VCM-01, at +12 volts, or the VCM-02, at +24 volts, with a 15 amp output. These modules have two inputs, one actuated by a transition to +12 or +24 volts (Input A) and one actuated by a transition to ground (Input B). The two inputs operate as a logical "Exclusive OR" so that either input can cause the output to latch (or unlatch).

The output will toggle to the opposite state when +12 or +24 volts is applied to Input A while Input B is open, or when ground is applied to Input B when Input A is open. Another toggle will not be recognized until both inputs are open. To toggle the module's output, a control input signal must be applied for at least 250 milliseconds with its counterpart input open. All control inputs must be removed for at least one second before the module will recognize another toggle control input. When +12 or +24 volts is first applied to its power terminal (86) the module will initialize in the output off state. The output is rated at +12 or +24 volts @ 15 amps and provides over current and short circuit shut down protection.
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